Friday, December 21, 2012

Garlic Experiement Update

I got the first garlic yesterday, but for some reason the cloves didn't split. When I pulled it, only one root was still in the water--the rest had dried out and broken off. It was a small bulb, about at big around as my thumb.

A little larger than the original.

I've tried to keep the water level up so that the roots won't dry out, but it also has to be low enough to keep the moss from getting wet. It's an odd balance. I've got gnats in there now, because the moss needs to stay wet until the roots are developed enough to support the plant.

It's totally different from what happened the last time I tried this--the one time I did manage to make garlic grow, the root mass was so huge it pushed the tray up out of the water. Not sure why the difference, so I planted some more.

I'll keep working at it until I find the right balance.

On a side note, my stored garlic has been growing so I've been drying a lot of it.

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