1     The information found here is not intended as medical advice.  I will not dispense medical advice, so please do not ask.  This is merely a way of sharing and documenting my own explorations of alternative healing.

2     Please note that herbs, being the raw stuff that your concentrated pharmaceuticals are made of, are wild and uncontrolled.  The potency will vary even from leaf to leaf.

3     If you have any desire to attempt herbalism for yourself, please consult a professional herbalist or a physician if you are taking any kind of medication (including herbal remedies) because there are possible side effects and interactions. 

4     ALWAYS tell your physician of any herbs you are taking when s/he prescribes any new medication.

5     Do not take any kind of herb as medicine if you are nursing or pregnant except under the supervision of a licensed herbalist or physician. 

6     Do not further your herbal education by picking plants on public or private lands.  You don't know what might be endangered, or what the person who owns the property might object to.