Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall doldrums

The end of the garden is near. The beans are gone, the squash is gone (except for the pumpkin, which I continue to baby along). I have TONS of green tomatoes but none of them appear to be ripening. Garlic is in and the sprouts are up. I haven't seen a sign of mushrooms, which makes me sad. Three plum tree starts are looking healthy and I harvested Jerusalem artichoke last week. My winter garden is in (peas are up and blooming) and most of the outdoor get-ready-for-winter chores are finished.

SO of course I bring my garden inside.

During the winter my indoor garden consists of all the stuff that was on the front porch until the cold weather hit--turmeric, ginger, oranges, lemons, a grapefruit tree, several christmas cactuses, geranium starts, lemon balm and yarrow. My amaryllis are in a box in the closet for next spring, and I am soaking black pepper seeds before I plant them. Hopefully by next spring I'll have a pepper vine.

This year I'm going to try something new. Last year I inherited (in a sense) a bunch of really big plant pots. The big ones that the nurseries plant trees in. So this year I will be starting apple trees to espalier against the back fence. I'll theoretically have three apple trees, although there may be room only for two. I want three, so I'll plant three. Maybe I should plant a pear in the middle instead of a third apple tree. :) The big composter will be moved into another area of the garden to make room for the trees. And if my sister never claims the apple tree she asked me to start for her, I'll use it.

I'm mean. :) And I love it.