Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seed Exchange?

I just looked at this blog and realized I haven't posted since MAY. Weird.

A little bit of an update: I'm drying mint right now. Aragula and basil were last week. Onions will probably be next. I have a couple baby watermelon and we've got zuccini coming out our ears. Corn is coming on, but for some reason the tomatoes aren't ripening.And I have seeds.

Please, does anyone in the Salt Lake area have need of seeds? Particularly carrot seeds, since I'll be harvesting the new seeds in the next few weeks and I still have a lot from the last batch. I have carrot seeds, parsnip seeds, zuccini seeds, watermelon seeds, and a couple other kinds. Onions and beets are unavailable this year, but I should have plenty of onion seeds next year. For some reason I just can't get beets to survive through the winter, so we're short on beet seeds. I hate throwing the seeds away, poor little things, but with the new crop coming on I don't have much choice if I can't give them away.

I tried the seed exchange I found, but unfortunately it appears to be merely a scheme to sell books. I am also looking for Sonoran White wheat, if anyone is growing that in this area.

I have set up an open seed exchange, Seeds For The Future.

I'll try to be more regular on the blog, although with the job hunt and the garden and writing full time I'm rather overwhelmed.