Friday, July 22, 2011


Alternative healing is more than just herbs - the phamaceutical companies would have us believe that they have a cure for everything, but I don't buy that.  There are some things that people just have to work out on their own.

Stress is one of these.  While chemicals can help, they also create a dependence that keeps the body from healing on its own and in some cases even stop the body from creating the natural chemicals that the pharmaceuticals are meant to replace.

I consider my stress a pressure cooker, and I learned a long time ago that if I didn't let off steam it was going to blow eventually.  I have a number of techniques that help, and when I feel the pressure building up I make sure I do something about it.

Exercise is one of the best.  It releases endorphins and at the same time uses the muscles that our constrained lifestyle doesn't use.  Basically puts everything back into working order.  It has been proven that those who exercise have less chance of developing a number of diseases, and those who do not die earlier.

My other "technique" is my hobbies.  I write, I weed in my garden, I play with electricity or dance.  Whatever it takes.  Everyone should have some kind of release - if you don't, get one!

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