Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring harvest

I harvested my ginger and turmeric today. I have tried to grow ginger in about every soil imaginable--compost, potting soil, sand, clay, and combinations of soils. The most I got was a single rhizome that let me try again. This last year I tried it two different ways--regular garden soil mix with sphegnum moss added in to break up the pack, and straight sphegnum moss.

Ginger harvest (2015). Soil on the left, sphegnum moss on the right. The sphegnum ginger grew larger in bulk but didn't have as many pieces.

I've tried turmeric almost as many ways, and the roots always died. Rotted, dried up, and last year a giant cutworm found it. This year I had two roots survive (not grow, but survive) so I put them in sphegnum moss as well in an attempt to save something. One of the parent roots is still solid but has no eyes. The other will go back in the moss to try again.

Turmeric harvest (2015)

Harvested and repotted all the turmeric (except the rhizome that didn't have any buds). I put the ginger in a mini greenhouse and I'll plant it later. I'll probably do a combination again, some in moss and some in soil.

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