Thursday, January 22, 2015

GMO's (Part 4--the future)

Call me odd, but I don't own any part of this planet. I hold it as a responsibility, a gift and a trust, for the children of the future. Everything I do must be coached in those terms.

My personal and political choices, my views and beliefs, my business practices and interests, all affect this world. I cannot make a major corporation or a government change it's patterns of behavior. I can't force anyone to do what I think is right. Nor should I.

What I can do, I will.

I will be vocal about things that affect this world so that the children are left with good choices and healthy bodies. I will make as small a mark as possible, taking into consideration that I still need to live. Because I believe, strongly, that at the end of my life I will be held accountable for this stewardship.

The future is not to be taken lightly. I will not be here, but this does not mean I have any less responsibility for the results of my choices. Some people believe that what they do in this life ends with them and the future is none of their concern.

Fifty or one hundred years from now, will the seed stocks all be purchased from international corporations with patented gene complexes? I hope not. Will all choice of what we eat be gone, given over to those who are making a profit off of it? I hope not.

Whether GMO's are eventually proven to be safe or not, we still have to take into consideration the end result of the current trends. The corporations want their profit, and the government wants to continue collecting taxes on that profit. If the corporations are put ahead of the people, or even ahead of the will of the people, there will come a time when we have no more control. The control will be all in the hands of those who decide what we eat, what we wear, how we live. If we give up the right to decide a simple matter of labeling, it gives more power to those who want our money without accountability.

So do we allow the mega corporations to do as they please with our food supply?

They want to take our choices away, because face it--people with knowledge and choices are not going to mindlessly give all their food money to one mega corporation, and swallow the massive price increases that come with lack of competition.

Or maybe they will. I hope not.

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