Thursday, September 27, 2012

Got my Drug Interaction book back!

Since I didn't have the book that has all the drug interactions, I didn't put the interactions in each of the posts. I think the herbs below are those that I missed (with the exception of a few that aren't in the book).

I think it's important to note (although the people who wrote the book would probably scream at me for it) that many of these "interactions" are increases or decreases in the effect of the drugs. The authors are very careful to state that nothing is proven as to the effects of the herbs, then they state that the herbs increase or decrease the effects of pharmaceuticals. Which would suggest to me that the herbs are actually effective, since taking a double dose of a pharmaceutical would have the same effect.

Avoid using yarrow with depressants (such as alcohol) as well as blood thinners and drugs that lower blood pressure

Avoid using ginger with blood thinners

Avoid using garlic with anti-platelet agents or blood thinners, as garlic may increase their effects

Pepper interacts with blood thinners, some anti-biotics, non-steroidal pain killers, and smoking cessation aids.

No interactions listed

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